Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Top - Glamour | Creepers - Syrup
Belt bag - Hideo Wakamatsu

Theres so many favorites of mine in this post. I love a good distressed effect top and leggings - matchy matchy, right?! Hehe. These will be pieces that I will wear throughout the year and omygosh this maroon color of this top is my favorite. I was looking for this kind of color for quite some time and finally found one., Thank you for dropping by and God bless.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Top - Arthur | Clutch bag - ITdesigner lab
Heels - Parisian | Socks - Uniqlo

Okay, this is a usual blog post/outfit of mine. Lol! Highwaist shorts, top,a nd sexy heels. I hope y'all can get excited about this with me. but there's still something that I really like about this look - high waisted shorts! I really like the fabric and print, although It's definitely not my favorite color. Anyway, now here's the sad part about this post - I'll be flying to Dubai this week and I'm planning to deactivate/private my blog for the meantime. I just want to focus on my new life and new job (hopefully) Please pray for me and I hope I'll see y'all again soon. Kisses!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Top - Ladosa | Jacket - Adidas
Shoes - Adidas x Jeremy Scott
Jeans - &QIN

I love sporty and oversized jackets. My first one was an nike and oxygen (my favorite local brand when I was in college) from my freshmen year of college. I don't remember where these 2 jackets now but anyway I ordered this adidas sporty jacket online - I think It's too large but I loved it. That's all. Happy Tuesday!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Button down - The express : leggings - Cecil
Boots - From Karl L.

It's super tiring and fun day today! My power was out for a few hours but thankfully It's really fun day. I got this one-of-a-kind button down from The express last month and I really wanted to wear it today - so decided to take it out of the closet. Mehh! If you've been keeping with my blog you know I mostly wear all black or colorful (shocking) colors outfits. Want to be versatile so that my readers won't bored. Lol What! Happy happy monday lovies!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Shorts - Jordache | Blouse - Nicey
Socks - SM Dept | Heels - Primadonna
Bag - Thenerve clothing

It's no secret that I really love fun colors (especially neon colors) they make me feel happy and this colorful blouse is perfect. The mixture of pink, light blue, purple, and yellow makes for the perfect summer blouse. This is a perfect colorful blouse before heading to the beach (or maybe after). I know everyone is so ready to ditch their summer outfit/attire for fun beach getaways! Thank you for reading and have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Dungarees - Chokeree | Sweater - Cotton on
Heels - Parisian | Sunnies - Toy store

Lovin' this cream overall. I wish I had all It's colors. Lol! I styled it with a mesh pastel sweater from cotton on and awesome heels from parisian. Anyway, sometimes we (fashionistas) want to wear nice and simple outfit for a while. Agree? Like for enjoying a day at the mall, sea, and eating with friends (Wew! foods again. hehe) I had a great time wearing this outfit but my photos sucks today. Hehe better luck next time jeroy. Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Shorts - Alman de femme
Wedges - Asianvogue | Socks - SM Dept

Are you rocking colorful shorts this summer?! I decided to cut this colorful shorts yesterday (and  yuusss It's a highwaisted pants) I love shorts and I think I'm good of pairing them with everything. I'm actually thinking about 2-3 outfits for these awesome shorts. These shorts are probably my favorite summer bottom now - perfect fit and love the prints.