Monday, December 28, 2009

A-morir by Kerin Rose

Launched in the winter season of 2008 by Kerin Rose, A-morir’s array of exquisite hand-crafted eyewear keeps the growing fan-base wanting more. Based in Manhattan, New York, the accessories in A-morir’s collection are described as unique, carefully detailed and chic – everything that every adventurous and outgoing girl with an eye for fashion is looking for.

The shades which are included in the brand’s line is designed with the literary concept for spectacles – shiny, noticeable and completely glamorous – each made by hand, crafted carefully and designed by Kerin Rose herself. Because of the great demands of fascinated customers, new additions came to the brand in the form of hats and other types of headwear.

A-morir reveals an extraordinary array of different sorts of eyewear, shades and sunglasses as well as exquisite headwear. One of the most popular shades released by Kerin Rose is that of the Barracuda – the one worn by Rihanna in one of her music videos – which is a hand-studded pair of shades, available in silver, black and gold. Also popular is their heart shaped shades hand-crafted with Swarovski crystals.

Kerin Rose’s independent line of accessories is proving to be a hit. With positive feature reviews from fashion police websites like Urban Outfitters, Stylist and Fashion Week Daily and nods from online magazines such as Missbehave Magazine, New York Observer, New York Post, and Cool Spotters, Kerin Rose’s hard work has paid off. It’s not just these magazines and websites that think Rose’s accessory line is awesome. Celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Shontelle and Katy Perry have also been spotted wearing A-morir eyewear. Even more publicity for the line came when Rihanna sported the Barracuda in the “Run this Town” video with Jay Z and Kanye West.

For a starter accessory line, Kerin Rose’s A-morir is rising in the industry quickly. Her accessories are now available at Patricia Field in NYC and in their online website and Down at Lulu’s in Oakland, California. A-morir can also be bought online at Kerin Rose’s own web-store at More information about Rose’s awesome label can be found in her official website at Other websites selling A-morir accessories include Polyvore and Karmaloop.

A-morir is a cool, explorative and bold line of accessories. These pieces of fashion add-ons are truly for those who want to stand out and appreciate originality and high-fashion.

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