Friday, March 19, 2010

Dutch duo put Lady Gaga 'in chains' for Telephone video

The Dutch design duo, Viktor & Rolf, whose outrageous fashion installations and conceptual approach to the catwalk can make the avant-garde brigade seem quite run-of-the-mill, are the two men Lady Gaga turned to when she wanted a style statement for her controversial ‘Telephone’ video, featuring lesbian-prison-sex and mass-murder, and also starring Beyoncé.
Said Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, founders of the Amsterdam-based fashion house:” “Lady Gaga asked us to design a prisoner’s outfit. This is how we imagined Gaga if she would be incarcerated. She inspired us and her bodysuit was included in our brand new “glamour factory”
collection. It is styled with a huge pile of exaggerated metal chain necklaces.”
The bodysuit is strapless, in a dark-grey leopard-print, and features a studded bodice.
Viktor & Rolf’s ‘Glamour Factory’ was shown during the recent Paris prêt-à-porter collections, starring the veteran model, Kristen McMenamy, who emerged wearing 10 outfits, was gradually divested of them all, down to a corset, and was then re-dressed, in another 14 outfits, one on top of the other.
It is not the first time Viktor & Rolf have been inspired by the chain-gang. An early haute couture collection in Paris, in 2001, featured models emerging from a gloomy cavern of dry ice, struggling to walk and weighed down with heavy metal chains, decorated with cow-bells that tolled an eerie counterpoint to the clanging and rattling of the monstrous chains on the concrete floor.

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