Saturday, January 15, 2011

Featured Fashionista: Louise Anne Infante

1. What does fashion mean to you?
It's going to sound so cliche...but it is what is, a way of self
expression, somewhat like art...ah actually some would argue that it
is a form of art ^_^. Fashion doesn't have to come at a price, your
style isn't defined by the tag, otherwise you're just like a mannequin
displaying what the market tells you is "fashionable"; but hey if you
feel that Uncle Karl's Chanel or Marc or Balmain are
be it! Fashion is what ever you want it to be!

2. What style dress would be good to wear?
I am currently loving "MOD" (model off duty)!! The feel is so relaxed
but still so chic!
OH!...and I'm still getting inspirations from Gal Magazines and K-pop
artists (mainly Hyuna and Park Bom)ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

3. What brand of shoes you buy?
I buy different brands of shoes, I'm not rich enough to keep on reach
up into the luxe brands that have amazing shoes like that spine heel
by Dsquared(ZOMG!) but I do find stuff from everywhere. Looking at
what I own now, there is no uniform brand that I always buy from, but
if I had to pick a place where I would ALWAYS go to, it would be nine
west, it's cheap and easily accessible ^_^.

4. Who are some of your favorite designers?
Alexander Wang!! <3 so much love for his stuff! also a bonus that he's
cute! haha I would totally bone the guy! too bad he prefers the hotdog
over the taco ~_~.
Jeremy Scott...coz it's just so quirky and AHLAVET!

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