Saturday, March 19, 2011

Featured Fashionista: Kristy @ Monochromachic

1. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion differentiates me from other people. Two people could have the same blazer or skirt, but they would wear/style the piece differently. That unique fashion sense is what differentiates one person from another. It's also what makes fashion interesting and inspiring :)

2. What style of dress would be good to wear?
Nothing too short, too long, or too tight. I like dresses that reach about half-way through my thighs, form-fitting (not bodycon!) with short or 3/4 sleeves.

3. What brand of shoes do I buy?
I like ALDO because they're trendy and quite affordable, especially when the shoes go on sale. I also love Dolce Vita and some of Jeffrey Campbell designs :)

4. Who are some of my favorite designers?
- I like Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Philip Lim, Stella McCartney for clothes. They never fail to amaze me with their latest collections :)

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