Monday, June 20, 2011

Milan men's fashion week S/S 2012 - Day 2

Day two at Milan men's fashion week spring/summer 2012

A stellar line-up featuring PRADA - "I was using golf as an excuse to make it eccentric. Even if I hate golf and don't play, it is completely international,"

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - "I am obsessed with elegance and beauty,"-applauded show.

BOTTEGA VENETA - Though dressed in rumpled suits and clutching soft colourful leather bags, the Bottega Veneta man is no slouch.

EMPORIO ARMANI - The Emporio Armani menswear collection for next spring and summer was titled "Lightness." It could just as aptly have been called "Motion."

PRINGLE - "I want to strike the balance between respecting and reinterpreting the Pringle of Scotland heritage,"

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - T-shirts were emblazoned with gold-embossed Olympic torches, iconic Greek athletic figures and printed Olympic medals draped around the neckline. They were worn with shorts, in pinstripes or Union Jack red, white and blue, with golden Greco-style sandals or bright red penny-loafers accompanied by knee-socks.

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