Monday, December 24, 2012


Sweater with holes - DIY | Booties - Huimeizi
Sunnies - Random Toy store | Bullcap - New Era

My outfit looks familiar, right? I wore a similar top on my old post HERE. It's one of my inspiration on this new outfit post. I have a fond of appreciation of clothes with holes in it. Some cool weather here in the Philippines, so I'm beginning to swap my tops to sweaters on my closet. How I wish we have winter here in our country. Do you think I can wear this kind of sweater? Maybe! (tiis ganda moment) Lol.

Yay! Christmas is coming. Birth of Christ. Christmas is not all about giving gifts, that's the way we celebrate with my family. Why? Because that's my parents thought us. We just cook or buy foods every christmas and going to mass. The Bible never tells us to distribute food and clothing to the poor. Instead, it tells us to share our bread and our tunics and our homes with them, which means we eat out of the same bowl around the same dinner table. The willingness to share your blessing to other people.


  1. Absolutely amazing style once more Jeroy! The shoes are to die for! :)

    Happy holidays dear!
    Hope you can visit me again dear!

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  2. kasya? ok naman ung shoes? haha lov et

  3. crazy ∆ but I like it