Monday, December 3, 2012


Sweater - Thrifted | Leggings - Thrifted |
Necklace - Superfluously 
Wedges - Soule Phenomenon | Clutch - Miss Sartorial

Yay. Time passes very quicky, It's December already!!! So It's Knitted time, (feeling winter sa pinas?) I know no one cares about the weather, but my moods are often based on it, and so are my outfits. I got a new Knitted sweater lastweek at thrift store near at our place. I love when lookbookers, bloggers from other country wearing knitted clothes and striking a pose in Snow. It’s nice to be able to wear knits, paired it with zippered gray cotton leggings and my latest buy, a skulled with spikes gloves from a local bazaar. Take that December!


  1. Bongga talaga ever! Love the pants! :)
    Love your looks always Jeroy!

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  2. Dear Jeroy,
    we love your styles and specially that expressive
    xlara by