Sunday, January 13, 2013


Shirt - Aida Clothing | Blazer - Wingsun
Shorts - Vintage | Booties - Huimeizi
Elektra Clutch - Gold Dot | Turband - Punk-X-Pretty

I really wanted this kind of of high-waist shorts that you will see from my favorite local celebrities and singers that I admire when it comes to fashion like anne curtis, cassie, rihanna, etc. I love wearing high-waist because, not only do they stylize your figure, but they also add a classic touch to your outfit

Would you rock a printed blazer? I love colors and patterns pieces from my wardrobe. My new crush is my floral blazer, It gives you casual, chic touch. Floral will be in this year so I love hunting and buying floral blazers now. 


  1. Cool look Jeroy :)

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  2. I am so thrilled to have stumbled on your Lookbook account and now I am in your blog!

    I have a floral cardi and I think that is as close I could go, because our dress code usually allows corporate attires. Thanks for the tip about florals, I think my closet is able to survive! =D

  3. Jeroy, where did you get your booties?