Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dinosaur Fin

Sweater - Feifei | Cap - Punk-X-Pretty
Booties - Soule Phenomenon | Pants - Thrifted

Roar! When you read this entry's title, you probably pictured one of those goofy-looking dinosaur costumes every halloween. I got these harem pants with dinosaur fin details from thrift store. Luckily It's my size, fit my style, and the color. As the label inside it says "customization", how awesome is that. How could the owner sell these awesome harem pants.

Lovin' this panda baseball cap, A gift from friend/sponsor - Punk-X-Pretty, If you are drooling over this adorable panda baseball cap LIKE Punk-X-Pretty on facebook and buy your own now!


  1. Really cool Jeroy! :)

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  2. Amazing, this outfit is really edgy! LOVE IT :)



  3. I can't believe you find those pants in a thrift store ! How lucky you are !!!