Monday, February 4, 2013

Supah Pepsi

Shorts - HO JO BO | Wedges - Gold Dot
Jakcet - Mulberry Street | Sunnies - Spencer
Top - In laundry vintage

Happy Super Bowl Day! Have you watched the super bowl yet? Ugh! I love the halftime performance of Beyonce, stunning outfit - cropped black leather moto jacket and leather bodysuit with insets of lace. I think I need one for this coming halloween. Lol!

Okay, IF I'll be watching the National football league championship game this will be my outfit, spot the pepsi top - One of the awesome super bowl commercials. A brightly printed bomber jacket, denim shorts, and wedges - You can also wear your sneakers wedges! I want to sport something that's a little nicer, Chic and comfortable at the same time. 


  1. Really cool graphics! Speaking of Pepsi I loved Beyonce's Pepsi Superbowl performance. Haha ... :)

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  2. Love that jacket!

  3. i wonder where you got the cap...:D