Thursday, March 21, 2013


And we're back!!! Third challenge with Butuan girls - NEON!!!
One of the difficult and my favorite color to wear. Has it always been popular among traffic enforcers and female runners. They really want to look cute while running, eh?!

I've been on lookout for fabulous neon pieces. Neon colors are a huge trend this summer. The season where neon are easy to pull off - Neon bras, neon shorts, neon sandals, and bags, etc.

Wickedying of
Yummy heels! That little splash of neon is just perfect. Makes me want to lick the computer screen. Lol! Neon pumps are like the chicest way to rock the trend - You'll look like a million dollars but still really fashion forward.

I just love the laid-back look with a pop of something special from neon shirt. I need to find my sheer and silky shirts now. A perfect outfit for dinner date or night out. Fabulous shoes! Those wedges are like H&M x Margiela-ish. Oh Steph please tell me where I can get a pair!! Hehe.

Great job girls! I really enjoyed our third challenge. Can't wait for more future challenge/collaborations.
So That's me. Read about my outfit details below!!! :)