Saturday, May 25, 2013

UNIQLO Launch at SM Pampanga

Hello there you awesome store!

Get these glasses/sunglasses for only 590 pesos!

I love the colorful belts. Women's belt for only 990 pesos!

Packaged Dry Color V-neck T-shirt (Short Sleeves) for only 290 pesos!
Perfect gift for your boyfriend.

Graphic Steteco Shorts for only 590 pesos!

Yummy colored socks 3 for only 590 pesos!

This past friday morning, UNIQLO celebrated and opened a new store in SM City Pampanga located at Annex 3, This was the first UNIQLO store outside of Metro Manila. The store is massive, seriously 750 sq ft of shopping, you'll literally shop till you drop! 

The store looks amazing and big. We, Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers (Kingsly, Jhavoo, Nicko, Tse) had a great time chilling and shopping, and oops! Thankyou so much UNIQLO for giving us 500 worth of GCs. Happy with my uniqlo finds.

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