Sunday, September 15, 2013


Top/Hat - c/o Punk-X-Pretty
Heels - Fashioncookie

I love pairing shorts with an oversized top or sweatshirt but basically you can't spot my shorts here because of this super oversized top covered my shorts, I. LOVE. IT!! The main item of this look is of course my ktz-inspired oversized top c/o Punk-X-Pretty, Thank you for always spoiling me!

When I received this ktz top I fell in love right away - 1.) because it's ktz (inspired) 2.) because of satan 13 back detail (oops! please don't judge, I just love the print. That's all! Hihi). How about my hat? Do you love it?! 'coz I do! This are the one that I wanted from zara and topshop, but too bad this are already sold out! They are extremely awesome and you will probably see me wearing this a lot!

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  1. I love pairing oversized tops with shorts as well! I absolutely adore the sunglasses and the satan print, I find it very eccentric.