Sunday, September 1, 2013

This Cross

Sweater - c/o GIFI Clothing
Shorts - OP | Wedges - Asianvogue
Clutch - +Ruckus | Socks - SM Department
Beanie - Rebel gear | Sunnies - Girlshoppe

Finally, I had the chance to use my animal printed short shorts that I got a while back during summer. Weather here in the Philippines has become more unpredictable - It may be hot and dry in one minute and rainy and flooding in the next. 

Hello September!!! Now it really reminds me of Christmas, which is shopping!!!!! but I'm currently on shopping banned this month Lol. I'll buy these stuff that I want on december and I'm pretty sure these items I want are on sale! Hmm, What is Santa giving me this Christmas? Boyfriend please!!! Waaah. (desperado much haha)

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