Saturday, October 26, 2013


 Jacket - Surplus | Top - No brand 
Choker - Superfluously | Heels - Glammouroza
Casio Watch

As we all preparing for our warm warm-y clothes all ovah da'world for this cold weather (Of course not-so here in PH. Haha!) I can't deny how much I love biker jackets, I have few and most of them are from Surplus. Yes! Surplus has the best and affordable [overruns] biker jackets. I got two from surplus - Forever 21 and H&M. Lucky!! They've been a hot fashion trend ever since. Agree?!


  1. gurrrlll you work that booties off!! I'm jealous of your pretty long legs! jeezusss I adore your styling! keep itt up lads! hope you check on my blog love !