Sunday, February 9, 2014


 Top - Push thru | Socks - Cotton on
Heels - Ichigo shoes x Pinkaholic

Finally, posted this baseball jersey outfit - I was very busy yesterday and forgot to update/write my blog yesterday. I feel like I didn't updated my blog for a week. wtf Lol! We went to San Miguel food corp Pasig yesterday with brother for his driving test but sadly he failed. Scheduling him again for his second try, hope he could pass the test this time. Anyway, I love sportswear trends, this baseball jersey top is my new favorite and even better with strappy heels right?! Haha! My next purchase will be the black version of this, just waiting for the new stocks this month. How do you feel about sportswear trends? Love yaa all!


  1. I love the sporty trend but haven't got any luck buying one. been very busy at school that I don't have time to go buying stuff. looking gorgeous as always! love that shoes!

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