Saturday, January 22, 2011

Featured Fashionista: Stamat Oana

  1. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means so many things for me but first of all it’s the perfect way to express yourself, to let others see some aspects of your personality, to share with them what you love the most and who you want to be every day.

I always thought that fashion is like painting because you can choose so many shapes, different colors and styles to create an imagine of your personality and individual tastes. When you dress up it’s like creating and sharing an artwork. Colors can make fashion so vibrant, it's amazing to toch every item and feel all the different fabrics and textures.

Secondly, fashion means self-knowledge because you have the opportunity to experience so many different styles and choose what you think it’s closer to your heart. That’s why you need to know yourself very well so you can create an wardrobe that represents you instead of following trends and buying things that doesn’t mean anything to you. I truly belive fashion helps people to know themselves better.

But fashion means fun at the same time because you can choose every day a different style or you can have fun playing with colors or with the same item for a creative wardrobe remix.

So that’s fashion for me: art, creativity, self-knowledge and the perfect way to express our individuality and stand out.

  1. What style dress would be good to wear?

There are so many styles and trends so there are lot of opportunities to express your fashion sense, to have fun and also inspire others and be inspired too. You can choose a style according to your mood, occasion, weather, favourite trends or even according to your favourite fashion decade.

Casual seems to be the easiest style to put on but classy, romantic, preppy and bohemian will always be in fashion too and I’ll always love them. Vintage is another style that’s good to wear for any occasion and always add a special and unique toch to any outfit. But you can have fun if you choose rocker or androgynous sometimes too.

We are all free to wear what we want when we want but we have to do it depending on occasion. You just have to remember that whatever style you choose it’s important to feel comfortable and have fun wearing it.

  1. What brand of shoes you buy?

I don’t usualy buy branded shoes because it’s so difficult to find them in my little town but I do love retro and classy shoes, especialy wedges, oxfords and Mary Jane shoes. Anyway, my favourite branded shoes is a Zinda pair, a lovely chic reward from Scarpasa, Chictopia that I redeemed last year.

My last obsession are neutral shoes. I definetely need to get some classy neutral pumps so I can wear them to any ourfit next spring.

  1. Who are some of your favourite designers?

I have many favourite designers but I especialy love Valentino and Dolce&Gabbana for the romantic and feminine outfits, Alexander McQueen for the dramatic vibe, precious textures and details, because his creations always remind me of fashion and art from the past centuries, Anna Sui for the bohemian style, vibrant colors and bold mix of patterns and textures, Chanel and Christian Dior for the classy elegance.

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  1. great interview and pictures ! She is gorgeous !