Sunday, September 23, 2012


Velvet Shorts - Cal Sport, Lace Boy Shorts - SMS, Black Cap - New Era, Spikey Bracelet -
Wedges - Soule Phenomenon, Elektra Clutch - Gold Dot

Hey Guysh! How your weekend going? Me, I love this day we went out with my Fambam, It's my Mom's Birthday today. Anyway, This outfit inspired me of decadent, luxurious, chocolates! Haha so you can look at me and eat me. Remember the warm, smooth and creamy, delicious flavors of chocolates are enough to drive any chocoholic mad. I eat too much of sweet of foods, ice cream, doughnuts, chocolates bars, candies etc. Are you as addicted as me? Oh wait is this really a fashion blog *evil laugh* Yup! I love Food & Fashion! Don't cha love the Velvet shorts, I'm obsessed on any Velvet clothes right now. I'll be posting more velvet in next few days/weeks.

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